End of Line

by Chordlust

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Calgary recording artist Chordlust has a history with electronic music that stretches back almost a quarter of a century, rooted in one of Canada’s most storied dance music scenes.

Originally from Toronto, Kris Boekestyn was active in the city’s early 90’s jungle scene, the biggest centre for the genre outside of London at the time. Genres were less rigidly defined, experimentation was rife, and having a plurality of sounds present at every rave was the standard.

These same values are channeled by Boekestyn in his alias Chordlust, driving the contents of his new End Of Line EP released on Calgary’s Substation Records.

The first track “Exo” is lined with allusions to New York house and east coast techno, marked by drum machine claps, synth stabs, diva-esque vocal samples and a four-to-the-floor beat.

“Torsion” continues in this same vein, bringing Chordlust’s signature dance floor shaking blend of sounds into the deeper end with airy synths. As the distorted kick drum drives the jacking beat through the track, acid undertones begin to emerge. It’s another showing of Chordlust’s ability to continually captivate with stylistic fluidity by delving into the pluralism of his musical background.

“Detonate” moves into the realm of warehouse techno, with a pounding kick drum leading into another onslaught of acid. This is club oriented dance music done with an ever growing flair for innovation.

“Dat Mag Niet” is one of Chordlust’s more melodic offerings, with percussion and melodies that draw from his love for classic trip-hop and jungle, all encased in a tech house atmosphere.

Chordlust creates what he feels without regard for genre classification, making End of Line a perfect fit for Substation Recording’s catalogue of unique, boundary-pushing Canadian dance music.


released March 21, 2016


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