Rusty Meeks

by Rusty Meeks

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The Rusty Meeks EP draws new life, branches and angles into the Substation Recordings boss’ fledgling label. New twists on classic Meeks tricks help this debut EP build on previous sounds to explore altogether new sonic landscapes.

On “Chorizo” the characteristic thickly rounded edges of bass are here matched with a smooth, subtly placed arpeggiator and a curious collection of signature samples. Cocked guns, childish giggles and tense gasps dissolve into an ethereal and meticulously crafted soundscape.

“Ice Man” lumbers into view with an ominous, jerky rhythm that never quite catches up with itself while remorselessly marching into informed listeners’ eardrums and never quite letting go. Fully foreign sounds are thoughtfully balanced by soft and oceanic backdrops to keep this track from floating too far off into the esoteric and future-focused.

“Shadowfax” manages to pair a standard set of house tricks with a curiosity-twinging melange of fuzzed out sine waves. We ride ever into the horizon with the galloping high hats and percussion giving us the time and space to pick apart the uniquely devised blend of synthesized sound on display here.

“Das Fuss” throws a serious wrench into the gears of any listener complacent enough to expect straight-up tech house out of this release. UK influence lands squarely, alternating between furious and frantic warehouse footwork and ethereal, spacey female vocals. The final piece of this puzzle keeps us all on our toes, as Mr. Meeks has officially changed the game on his promising young label - any and all sounds are up for grabs at Substation Recordings.


released November 3, 2014


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Substation Recordings Calgary, Alberta

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