Substation Sampler Vol III

by Various Artists

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A wide range of Calgarian electronic musicians come together to further define the borders of newly revamped Substation Recordings - wizened experience balances the fiery vibrancy of young emerging artists, and the result is deep, thoughtful, and textured.

Western Canadian house royalty Jon Delerious pushes his sonic signatures into an acid tinged techno backdrop with Even 8. Though undeniably rhythmic and energetic, the tune’s subtle space and dimension help it to straddle a number of house styles. Tiny hints of Detroit shine through on delicate arpeggiated synth lines, and deep low end retains big room movement.

Blazing new trio MannMade Rhodes push their unmistakable energy into a restrained bassline growl. Their fast and furious ascent into Calgary’s dance scene begins with Eviction, a broad exploration that wanders the breadth of tech house, alternations of atonal synthesized builds and rapid releases of tension. For a premiere effort, this tune is patient and wise.

Marco Cardoza’s Need You pairs throbbing, hypnotic low end with disorienting near-static pads and auxiliary effect loops. The track’s marching heart of shuffling percussion maintains the listener through a nebulous soundscape - Need You seems to be designed to place listeners off kilter, with their defenses down.

Matt Caine is the release’s other veteran voice, a solidifying presence, all precise high frequency splashes and synth tweaks. Nocturnal is full, thick, and absolutely dialed in. Caine’s steady rise is evident with this tune - his sound is exactly where he wants it to be: deep, bouncy, and hypnotic.


released June 16, 2014


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Substation Recordings Calgary, Alberta

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